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 Q: What is acb2b.com?
A: acb2b.com is an online trading platform focusing on helping small and medium sized U.S companies doing business in China. Over the last several months our dedicated marketing team has worked hard to identify over twenty market segments where China need US products. AmeriChinaB2B is also a platform for US companies to promote their products directly to China through our Chinese version platform. With our help, small and medium sized US companies can operate as large companies with their limited resources. To find out more about us, please visit www.acb2b.com about us.
  Q: What kinds services does AmeriChinaB2B provide?
A: AmeriChinaB2B focus mainly on helping US business to sell their products to China and find distributors in China. We also provide a suite of services that could help US companies doing business in China. These services include agents/distributors recruiting services, online/offline marketing campaigns, Chinese Business Credential Investigation, Chinese market research, website China hosting, website documentation translation, trade show services and other services related to doing business in China.
 Q: How could AmeriChinaB2B help my company selling our products to China?
A: By becoming AmeriChinaB2B PREMIER members, such as silver members and gold members, your trading information will be translated into Chinese and posted on our web site hosted in China at www.acb2b.cn. This will significantly increase your publicity and awareness among Chinese companies. Because few people in China visit a USA company's website directly, this is not only because of language barrier, but also because of the slowness of Internet access across the Pacific and other restrictions. Instead, businesses in China use our website to search for USA products and services, considering us as: "Google for Chinese businesses who want to import USA products and services". Your company's name, product brand name and trading lead information will be broadcast to China's massive market and vertical industrial markets so that Chinese companies, distributors, agents that are interested in your products or services can contact you directly via AmeriChinaB2B platform.
 Q: Could my company profile and service Chinese translation help my company doing business in China?
A: Yes, based upon the research, a few benefits of translating your information into Chinese and broadcast in China:
  • Create vast new business opportunities by adding millions of potential new customers you target
  • Give your customers in China more confidence which increases the likelihood their purchasing your products (more than 5 times greater than if you don't translate Chinese)
  • Reach over millions Chinese who can only access the Internet in Chinese
  • Double your site stickiness (Visitors stay for twice as long on sites presented in their own native language) (In the case of Chinese, it will be much more than "Double")
  • Your company is likely to be considered as long-term commitment to China by Chinese partners or customers.
 Q: Do I need to join in the membership to get these services?
A: Yes. We currently provide free services, membership fee based services and project-based services. For membership service, please check Membership benefits for detail information.
Beside membership services, we also provide cost based project services, including:
   a. Chinese Business Credential Investigation;
   b. Trade Show Services;
   c. Website Translation and Engineering;
   d. Website China Hosting;
   e. Online/Offline Marketing Campaigns;
   f. Go to China Market Research;
   g. Chinese Information Inquiry;
Please check services for detail information.
  Q: How much does it cost to become an AmeriChinaB2B premier member?
A; Please check our membership benefits to get the most updated membership fee.
  Q: Is my membership fee refundable?
A: We provide money back guarantee service excellence to our gold members. Please check money back guarantee service excellence agreement for detail information.
  Q: Does AmeriChinaB2B get involved in trading transaction?
A. No. AmeriChinaB2B provides an online trading platform between you and potential Chinese customers. We do not get involved in your trading transaction.
  Q: How can I upgrade my membership?
A: On your membership page, there is a menu called 'Upgrade membership', you can upgrade your membership from here.
  Q: How can AmeriChinaB2B protect my credit card information?
A: AmeriChinaB2B does not keep your credit card information, we outsource this part to Paypal. You can make a payment using a Paypal account or credit card managed by the Paypal system.
  Q: As a member, once I post my sales or buy lead information, does this guarantee that my products will be sold in China?
A: No. AmeriChinaB2B tries its very best to make sure that your information is presented and broadly visible in China. Once you become an AmeriChinaB2B member, your business information will be translated into Chinese. AmeriChinaB2B has strategically partnered with different Chinese internet platforms, we also advertise on Chinese highly clicked search engines, partner with Chinese industrial vertical search engines, and promotes your products through our marketing channels in trade shows and conferences. We do all this to insure that your information will be highly visible to potential buyers in China.
Once you become our premium customers, depending upon your membership type, your products could be listed on our main page, positioned on the top page, and your advertisement can be placed on our main page.
Whether your products are in demanded in Chinese markets depends upon your products, price, quality and other market conditions. You can use our platform knowledge center or discussion forum to learn more about whether your products are needed in China.
  Q: Where could I get the translation assistance on my emails, oral communication, or other type of communication?
A: You can forward email to AmeriChinaB2B, our well trained language interpreters will do translation for you. Please ask detail information. We also provide live telephone language assistance through our business partner; you can get instant language oral, text language assistance. During your conversation, your communication with your potential customers in China can be translated back and forth between Chinese < -- > English by the experienced interpreters. Please ask for detail information.
  Q: If I have specific questions, where can I get help?
A: AmeriChinaB2B send Chinese industry general information, white pages etc. to our members via email. You can post your questions on our discussion forum, which will be visible to all AmeriChinaB2B membership in China. Anyone viewing your inquiry could respond by posting their comments on the discussion forum. We invite experts on various industries and fields to post their opinions on our Knowledge Base center (How to do business in China). We also provide one hour free doing business in China consultant services to our premium members.
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