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Gateway to the China Business Market
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Any US business that thinks about exporting to China shall consider keywords advertisement on Baidu, which is the leading search engine in China. As of today, Baidu has over 70% of the search market share in China, and China has over 300 million Internet users. Baidu in China is like Google in the US. Keywords advertisement on Baidu in China has been proven to be as effective as keyword advertisement on Google in the US. If you had to choose one search engine to advertise in China, you should choose Baidu.

However, Baidu is very China centric. Not only is its user interface in Chinese, but it also only accepts Chinese currency through China's payment system, which is not readily accessible for foreign businesses. As of today, it does not accept credit card payments or Paypal. "Baidu is such a great advertisement vehicle, but it is virtually impossible for any US business to access it.

AC-Baidu helps foreign business to do online and offline marketing in China. Our primary services are to help foreign business to run pay per click campaign on Baidu.com.

Advertise on Baidu
Baidu, is the leading search engine in China. Baidu has over 70% of the search market share in China.
Advertise on Baidu
  Chinese Company Credential Investigation

ACB2B representatives in China provide complete research on local companies financial backgrounds that U.S businesses maybe considering doing business with.

Credit reports and analysis can be prepared to determine the financial stability and strength of Chinese companies. Credit ratings, history, financial data as well as biographical profiles of top company executives are also made available.

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