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AmeriChinaB2B Consulting Services
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Chinese Company Credential Investigation
AmeriChinaB2B representatives in China provide complete research on local companies financial backgrounds that U.S businesses maybe considering doing business with. Credit reports and analysis can be prepared to determine the financial stability and strength of Chinese companies. Credit ratings, history, financial data as well as biographical profiles of top company executives are also made available.
If you need China Business Credential Investigation service, Please contact us.
Website China Hosting
We help your company to host the Chinese version of your web site using the China '.cn' domain. ( For example www.yourcompany.cn or www.yourcompany.com.cn; Most Fortune 500 companies have already done this). It is an imperative market strategy for many companies to do business in China. The benefits include:
  • Hosting your web site locally is likely to be considered as your company's long-term commitment to China by Chinese partners or customers.
  • Reach over 100 million Chinese who can access the Internet in China using a China domain name promptly and painlessly.
  • Guarantee that your site bypasses the Chinese government's web site filtering system.

For Website China Hosting services, please contact us.
Software Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services
AmeriChinaB2B has an experience software development team in China. AmeriChinaB2B can provide software outsourcing services for embedded software development, Internet related development, software QA, as well as business application development.
Additional, AmeriChinaB2B partners with many China manufacturers, which can provide many different level of manufacturing services, such as, OEM, ODM, localization and customziation, etc.
For outsourcing and manufacturing services, please contact us.
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  Consulting Services
 Chinese Company Credential Investigation
 Website China Hosting
 Software Outsourcing and Manufacturing Services
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