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Ice Cream Hair Dye Review

Dec 08, 2023

Ice Cream Hair Dye Review: A Personal Journey to Vibrant Colors

As an avid hair color enthusiast, I've experimented with a plethora of brands and shades, but one product that has consistently caught my eye is the Ice Cream Hair Dye by Inebrya. Known for its rich pigments and comprehensive grey coverage, I decided it was time to dive in and give you a detailed, first-person account of my experience.

Why I Chose Ice Cream Hair Dye

Among the sea of hair color options, Ice Cream Hair Dye stood out to me for several reasons:

  • Rich and Bright Colors
  • Long-Lasting Results
  • Complete Grey Coverage
  • Affordable Price Point

With such promising features, my expectations were high, and I eagerly anticipated what this popular dye could do for my locks.

Unboxing Ice Cream Hair Dye

Upon receiving my Ice Cream Hair Dye, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. The vibrant orange box was hard to miss, and the instructions seemed straightforward, adding to my excitement to give this dye a try.

My Ice Cream Hair Dye Color Choice

For this review, I selected the Platinum Blonde shade. I have naturally dark hair, and I'm no stranger to bleach – I was eager to see if Ice Cream could take me to the silver-toned heights I desired.

Preparation and Application: Tips and Tricks

What You'll Need

  • Ice Cream Hair Dye (your chosen shade)
  • Developer (recommended by the brand)
  • Mixing Bowl and Brush
  • Gloves
  • Timer

Steps to Apply

  1. Mix the dye and developer according to the ratio provided on the box.
  2. Section your hair for even application.
  3. Apply the dye using the brush for precise coverage.
  4. Time the process carefully to avoid over-processing.

My Application Experience

Applying Ice Cream Hair Dye was straightforward, and I found the consistency perfect – thick enough to stick to my hair without dripping. Covered from root to tip, I waited with bated breath to see the outcome.

The Results: Did Ice Cream Hair Dye Deliver?

After rinsing out the dye and drying my hair, I couldn't have been happier. The 'Platinum Blonde' shade was bold and bright, just as promised. Here's what I noticed:

  • Shade Accuracy: The color was remarkably close to the one advertised, with a beautiful platinum hue that gleamed under the light.
  • Texture and Health of Hair: Despite the lightening process, my hair felt soft and manageable, not at all straw-like or damaged.
  • Grey Coverage: Although I don't have much grey hair, the coverage proved to be full and even.

Table of Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Vibrant Color Payoff Might Require Bleach for Dark Hair
Easy to Apply Availability May Vary
Affordable Needs Familiarity with Mixing Ratios
Good Lasting Power Limited Shade Range in Some Stores

Maintenance and Longevity

How Long Did It Last?

I noticed minimal fading over the first few washes, a testament to the dye's lasting power. With the right sulfate-free shampoo and regular touch-ups, I believe Ice Cream Hair Dye can maintain its vibrancy for a considerable duration.

Tips for Upkeep

  • Use Color-Safe Shampoo
  • Avoid Excessive Heat Styling
  • Weekly Conditioning Treatments

Employing these methods, I managed to keep my hair looking salon-fresh longer.

Is Ice Cream Hair Dye Worth It?

Absolutely yes! Ice Cream Hair Dye provides excellent value for its price, delivers on its promises, and truly gives that professional touch we all crave from our hair color. It's definitely a product I'll be returning to and experimenting with different shades.

My Rating: 4.5/5 🌟

A high score for a high-quality product. Ice Cream Hair Dye by Inebrya, in my experience, achieves professional results at home, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone aiming to change up their hair game without breaking the bank.